Meet the Head Homegater

Jo-Ann Amantea, your Head Homegater, is a certified professional chef who lives on the east coast. She is an avid sports fan, photography buff, wine enthusiast, Charlie Brown aficionado, and collector of 1950's horror B-movies. She loves taking day trips, going to concerts and listens to almost any genre of music (rock, blues, jam, metal, reggae, jazz, new age, modern country and a little pop - very little). She's into all things beach-related and can't get enough of surf shops. She's Danny, Michael, Sean & Joe's favorite sister (4 brothers? Well, there's your sports connection), and the coolest aunt ever to Ryan, Joey, Angelica & Jenna, along with furry nephews Bernie the Rottweiler, Carmine the Bichon, Jack the Mastiff and furry niece Jules the Bulldog. She is Laura, Lisa & Jenn's funnest sister-in-law and the greatest daughter ever to "wicked step-mother" Ann (that's an inside joke).

While Jo eats a mostly organic and non-GMO diet during the week, she enjoys a little indulgence on game day when the gang comes over.

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