Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Big Gameapalooza!!!

Greetings Homegaters!

Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend!!
And while there's a lot of drama going on in the background leading up to it this year, nothing's going to take the air out of my enthusiasm. It is my most favorite day of the year! I've been hosting Super Bowl parties for a lot of years. I don't even send out invitations anymore because everyone knows that the party is happening. If you need some tips on hosting a party, you've come to the right place. So grab a beer, pull up a chair and let me guide you to some Big Game party success....

Hosting a Super Bowl party can be as simple or as complex as you care to delve into. I've learned over the years that preparation is absolutely key regardless of which way you go. You can send out fun invites, decorate your house (inside and out) and have halftime contests with prizes. But the star attraction (besides the game) will be the food that you serve.

First of all, a few really good dips and/or spreads are a Big Game must:

Triple Play Onion Dip

Tuscan Tuna Spread

Beer Cheese Dip

Secondly, finger foods totally rock:


Grilled Bologna Sliders

Spicy Chicken Puffs

And don't forget a few heavy hitters:

Spicy Meatballs

Make sure that you prepare everything ahead. You can keep it warm and ready to serve with either hot buffets, steaming trays or crock pots. People will be able to help themselves. That will allow you to enjoy the party as well so you won't miss any of the action on the TV. 

Place an ice-filled cooler for your beverages where everyone can get at it (it can also double as a chair if you have limited space). If you don't have a cooler, a bathtub can do double duty.

Have coffee brewing all day. Some folks might go for the dessert first or some might just need their java fix throughout the festivities. If you have the time, you might even want to whip up this special little coffee concoction:

Coconut Spiced Rum Mocha Latte

No matter what you wind up doing, make sure not to stress yourself out. Keep it simple. Keep your recipes simple. Use as many disposable tablecloths, cups, plates, utensils as you can because there's nothing worse than staying up for hours after a great party with a massive cleanup on your hands.

Most of all, remember to have FUN and enjoy the game - especially if your team is in it! That's what it's all about: a great time with great friends and great grub!

And so next week we shift gears a little and start focusing on some of the other sports that you and your friends like to get together for.  What? You thought it ended with football? No way! Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for more gameday get-together food and fun. See you next week!!

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